Branded Promotions Can Connect You With Animals Too

How can people not understand the value, importance, and benefit of branded promotion in the world run by brands? The world is now a mass production yet brand driven commercial consumerism society. People value brands more than the actual product. It’s all about your brand promotion and its impact on consumers.

Read this post by Josh Felber at about putting branded promotion to work on Black Friday:

How to Prepare Your Business to Win Big on Black Friday

The Thanksgiving shopping experience is all about maximizing profit by selling as many discounted items as possible.

Josh Felber

There’s no shopping day quite like Black Friday. Whether you participate online or battle your way through hoards of determined shoppers, Black Friday can be a stressful time for retailers looking to make money.

But just like how shoppers plan out their mall trips to maximize their time while getting everything they need, stores need to ensure they are equally prepared for a massive influx of shoppers. A little digital preparation can help you stay ahead of your shoppers while you compete with some of your larger competitors.

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To have branded promotion means that your product reaches to masses that increases brand recognition. Branded promotions are tactile and are more powerful in bringing back the customers. The quality of your product seems to be premium when you run a branded promotion campaign.

The cost of branded promotions is comparatively low as compared to other marketing methods. People in form of consumers tend to rely more on branded promotions than a simple product placed on a shelf in super market. Branded promotions are more of a psychological method to influence consumer purchases.

Read this word of caution by Natalie Burg at about how branded promotion can go wrong as well:

Study: Self-Promotion Kills Consumer Trust in Branded Content

By Natalie Burg

May 27th, 2014
Don’t be self-promotional. While content strategists have been pleading those words to brands for the past decade, many brands have remained skeptical. But now, there’s a study to back up that simple—but crucial—advice.

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To benefit your product and business, branded promotions are best and quick way to make your product recognized and valuable in market. If you are not in to long run promotional campaigns then you can have seasonal branded promotions as well.

Watch this video by gertrude71 to see branded promotion about Magnum in practice:

Branded promotions from can be used to create awareness about animals and give real experience to all potential loyal customers.

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