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Farm Animals Day Trip

Stay tuned -- as PACT and Buzzy's hope to put together another Chenoa Manor bus trip soon.

Several years ago Buzzy's ran a bus trip to take children, their parents and other adults to Chenoa Manor, a farm sanctuary in southeastern PA. The trip was totally filled and a great success.

Chenoa is a unique local animal protection sanctuary whose mission is to promote a safe haven for over 200 wonderful animals and to promote a more humane world through educational programs and events focused on children and teens through the age of 18.

Trip participants were able to see and play with thoroughbred horses, rabbits, pot-bellied pigs, chickens, roosters, cows, sheep, goats, Jersey Steers and more. Chenoa is a last resort for its residents. Some suffered the abuses of factory farming; others from cruel and unnecessary lab experiments, and some simply were abandoned. All of these animals are now permanent residents of Chenoa and will be provided with a lifetime of care, safety, compassion and love.

Chenoa is staffed solely by volunteers, including its executive director, Dr. Rob Teti, a licensed veterinarian. Dr. Teti and the staff at Chenoa believe that if kids can develop a relationship with animals based on mutual trust, patience and understanding, then those same qualities will be carried over to other relationships throughout their lives.

Buzzy's will be sponsoring future bus trips to Chenoa. If you, your children or your friends wish to be on the next bus trip, please let our staff at Buzzy’s know of your interest, or e-mail us at [email protected] .

Photos courtesy of Lynn Rae Photography

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