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UPDATE: This is an ongoing mission to collect much needed supplies for the animals.

In addition to the 4 trucks full of supplies given to the Pennsylvania SPCA, thru the containers placed at Buzzy's entrances we have now collected enough additional supplies to give a huge amount of supplies to both the Montgomery County SPCA and the Delaware County SPCA, continuing this wonderful program benefitting the animals.

The Pennsylvania SPCA-ACCT was shocked on June 21, 2010 when their truck arrived at Buzzy's to pick up our first month's collection. In the first month we accumulated 4 to 5 truckloads full of needed supplies which is worth many thousands of dollars to the Pennsylvania SPCA-ACCT. We're pleased that PACT has ordered 20 additional containers to be placed throughout the Delaware Valley, some of which have already been placed in the surrounding areas.

Please contact [email protected] if you know anyone or any organization that wants a Container to help the Delaware Valley Animal Organizations. They will be given recognition and publicity as the sponsor of that container.

ALL the animal welfare organizations in our area, including the Pennsylvania SPCA-ACCT, the Montgomery County SPCA and the Delaware County SPCA have a tremendous need for the items on the attached WISH LIST.

PACT, the tax exempt non-profit Buzz recently formed, is collecting these much needed supplies, equipment, food and funds for shelters and rescue organizations throughout the Delaware Valley. Containers have been placed at Buzzy's and other locations in the Delaware Valley.

Initially PACT worked with 4 Bar Mitzvah students at 2 different synagogues in the Philadelphia area who have chosen this as their special project. PACT is pleased to work with anyone, children of any age, race or religion, for any project or program including schools, churches, businesses, etc. to help the animals. Simply stated, we are here for everyone!

Due to the horrendous economy of the last several years donations to animal shelters and rescue groups of supplies and money have been drastically reduced. This program will assist shelters and rescue groups in obtaining desperately needed items.

Buzzy's, PACT, the children and especially all the animals greatly appreciate your help with this Wish List.


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