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Below is a list of free seminars and workshops that the store intends to present in order to enlighten the public about a multitude of subjects involving companion animals.
Please check all that you would be interested in attending.

Agility Training and Agility Events
— A fast growing sport in which to have fun and enjoy exercising with your Dog

Alternative Medicine, including Acupuncture
— Rapidly growing acceptance of new approachs to companion animal health care

Animal Assisted Therapy
— For both Adults & Children
— Beneficial effects of companion animals in working with "troubled" humans

Anti-Breed Legislation
— Issues and controversy

Barbaro's Fight for Life at New Bolton
— Discussion/pictures & "inside stories" with Barbaro's New Bolton photographer

Bereavement Counseling
— Ways to cope with the passing of your companion animal

— What to look for in purchasing a dog/ Pluses & Minuses/ Costs

Cat Health Issues
— Q & A with Vets

Companion Animal Behavioral Issues
— Q & A on your specific problems

Dog Bites
— How to prevent/What to do if bitten/Legal effects

Dog Training
— Alternative theories/Time & Cost involved

Fostering Pets
— How/ Why/ Pluses and Minuses

— What to look for and ask about in choosing a Groomer/ Types of services available/ Costs

Guide Dogs
— Training/costs/origination/utilization

Human Animal Bond
— Ways in which our Companion Animals are positive influences on our health & our lives

Katrina Animal Rescues
— Discussion & pictures from those who were there

KIDS - from Infants to Teenagers - "Hugs for Puppies"
— Violence by Youngsters Against Animals
— Positives obtained from kids' relationships with companion animals

K-9 and Search & Rescue Dogs
— Training/costs and the wonderful services they perform for humans

Legal Issues - Companion Animals
— Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act
— Custody and Divorce
— How to avoid lengthy legal battles
— Pet Trusts
— How to provide care for your companion animal once you no longer can
— Puppy Mills & Pet Lemon Laws
— Why all Puppy Mills should be Abolished
— Rental & Housing Issues
— Neighbors/Landlords, etc.

— Coverage & stories of our lives with our companion animals

Nutrition & Obesity
— Food choices/Pluses & Minuses

Nursing Homes/Children's Hospitals/etc. - Visits by Companion Animals
— Wonderful stories and benefits from visitations at various facilities

Pet Insurance
— Benefits/ Costs/ Pluses and Minuses

Pet Sitters
— What to look for in choosing a pet sitter/Costs

Photographing Your Companion Animal
— How to take good pictures/What cameras to use/Animal photo contests

Prison Dogs
— Heart warming stories of the utilization of dogs with our multi-million prisoner population/ Positives for both prisoners and the animals

Q & A with Vets
— Get your companion animal health questions answered for free

Unique and New Store Products
— Continual product updates by our fantastic team

Vet Medicine Advances
— How rapid developments in vet medicine are advancing in parallel with rapid developments in human medicine

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