Job outlook for a firefighter

If you’re physically fit, hold a high school diploma or its equivalent, score high on your department’s firefighting exam and pass a drug screening test, you have a chance to qualify for a position as a firefighter. With time on the job and further training, you may have the opportunity to move up in the command structure or even specialize in a specific type of fireman.

“There are also specializations in the field: wildland firefighters work specifically on forest fires, sometimes parachuting into hard-to-access wilderness, while firefighters in a hazardous materials unit respond to things like oil and chemical spills. The following article provides an overview about becoming a firefighter, including the education requirements, duties and job outlook.” Read More Here…

Smokejumpers or forest firefighters generally fight fires by being parachuted into remote areas. They fight fire from the ground through a variety of containment measures and by directing aircraft to hot spots and good places to eject water and foam from above. With continued schooling, firefighters may be promoted to fire inspectors or fire marshals. These positions involve responsibility for performing inspections, enforcing fire safety codes and laws, and collaborating with builders and city planners.

“Some firefighters become¬†fire investigators, who determine the causes of fires. They collect evidence, interview witnesses, and prepare reports on fires in cases where the cause may be arson or criminal negligence. They often are asked to testify in court. In some cities, these investigators work in police departments, and some are employed by insurance companies.” Read More Here….

The employment outlook for firefighters is expected to grow at a faster rate than average for other job titles until 2014. As veteran firefighters reach retirement age, more trained personnel will be needed to replace them. Other firefighters may transfer to other departments, leave to pursue other types of employment, or become ill or disabled and unable to work. Many job openings are expected to stem from volunteer firefighting positions being converted into paying ones, especially in suburban areas. For more information about¬†Job outlook for a firefighter visit our website …


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