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September 6, 2011

WON AGAIN - Best of the Main Line & Western Suburbs 2011

Chosen "Best Dog Groomer"

by Main Line Media News

We're delighted to announce that Main Line Today named Buzzy's 2011 Best of the Main Line and Western Suburbs as "Best Dog Groomer."

Main Line Today also named Buzzy's 2010 Best of the Main Line and Western Suburbs to "Pamper Your Pet."

Buzzy's was chosen as the 2010 Best of the Main Line by Main Line Media News as "Best Specialty Pet Shop" and "Best Dog Groomer" for 2010.

The Main Line Times previously chose Buzzy's as the "Best Pet Store" for 2009, 2008 and 2007! They also named Buzzy's as the "Best Grooming Salon" for 2009!

Buzzy's was also voted "Reader's Choice for 2008" by Main Line Life. The Main Line Times also voted Buzzy's "Best Pet Gifts for 2008" and "Best Natural Pet Supplies for 2007."

We thank everyone who voted for Buzzy's -- it's a wonderful honor to be named the Best of the Main Line -- it tells us that our work and commitment to the animals is appreciated by our customers. Buzzy's will continue its mission on behalf of the companion animals everywhere.

Store owner "Buzz" Miller is committed to animal rescue, and at Buzzy's, people speak of pet companionship, not pet ownership. Buzzy's has fun with the notion of pet pampering, offering such luxuries as the Furcedes pet bed and the latest toys from Jimmy Chews, Sniffany and Co., and Chewy Vuiton.

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