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May 16, 2008

A License to Save Lives

Recent Article on PACCA-PAWS

OVER THE PAST three days I've led you through achievements and failures of the Philadelphia Animal Care and Control Association, responsible for the welfare of Philadelphia ... READ MORE

May 3, 2008

Bill would fine drivers for lap dogs in cars

Drivers who allow pets to sit on their laps while driving may soon find something more than just a tail wagging in their face: a $35 ticket from a police officer. Lawmakers are ... READ MORE

May 1, 2008

How Reporter and Mutt Became a Therapy Team

He's sensitive and people-focused, one of those hyper-observant sorts who seems to notice the invisible threads that knot people up. Timid child approaching? He drops to his ... READ MORE

March 31, 2008

Housing Crisis

Foreclosures Slam Doors on Pets, Too

They're arriving by the thousands every month, homeless, hapless victims of foreclosure. Family pets, their lives upended by the ravaged finances of their owners, are landing in ... READ MORE

March 24, 2008

A Haven For Abuse Victims Who Keep Their Pets Close

When Rose Terry finally resolved to leave her abusive boyfriend, she knew she'd have to live in a shelter for a few weeks before she could start life anew. She had no reservations ... READ MORE

February 11, 2008

Dogs Helping Disabled

For decades, the supply of adoptable dogs has far exceeded the number of capable, willing owners, resulting in the euthanization of promising pets. Expanding the pool of potential ... READ MORE

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