The Most Popular Breeds in 10 Major U.S. Cities like Seattle

Dogs are so popular animal which is very near to human being. They are not only faithful but also dangerous to the opponent. They always help their master.

If you are a dog lover, then you must have to know the popular breeds in the USA especially in Seattle, the largest city of Washington DC.

Kristen Seymour wrote an amazing post on the most popular breeds in U.S. Cities at This post will help to know more about the breeds.

Is your city filled with pedigreed pooches and designer dogs or is it more of a mixed-breed mecca? Care to venture a guess as to which breed is the top pick in your metropolitan region?

We recently shared the breeds that are most popular by state, so this time, we decided to dig deeper into Vetstreet’s data to determine just which purebred pups are most common in 10 highly populated American cities — from New York to Los Angeles, with some equally big names in between. Get more information here….

I hope above article by Kristen will help you to know the current breeds in Seattle and other big U.S. cities. This article gives us some great information about the breeds.

The following article by Scott Shackford at gives us more information on the most popular breeds and how most of them are treated by the Government. You can make a videography Seattle WA to capture the feelings and impressions on the licensed breed and no licensed breed.

Seattle Animal Control Accessing Grocery Purchase Data Looking for Evidence of Unlicensed Pets

It’s possible to make a libertarian argument in favor of municipal-provided animal control services. Feral dogs, at the very least, present a concrete threat to public safety and have been known to injure and even kill people.

But even if a small government case were made for animal control, what actually happens is that these municipal agencies end up expanding far beyond the public safety purposes for which they were created and take on a bureaucratic life of their own. Go figure! Pet licenses aren’t just for covering the bureaucratic costs of making sure animal owners can be held responsible for their pet’s behavior. They’re revenue generators. Cities and counties want the money for things like fancy, expensive animal shelters and the staff needed to operate them. The public often supports the idea of these shelters because people hate seeing animals suffer, and they associate big shelters with more space, and therefore the likelihood of fewer animals being put to sleep. To read the full article visit here…..\

In the following video, you’ll get a nice explanation on the top breed animal: dog.

Like I mentioned earlier, the dog is so faithful and trustworthy animal ever. By reading the full article, you can make a video on dog at Seattle WA.

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