Social Media Marketing Trends In 2017

SMM trends
SMM trends

Social media marketing is here for stay. And the key to its stay is the power of social media and the fact that keeps on growing. It competes to bring more advance features, exceeds users expectations and its response to the new technological advancements such as smart phones.

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Top 3 Social Media Marketing Trends 2017-What Industry Experts Expect?

Sakshi Behl – Nov 23rd, 2016

Social Media Marketing helps in enabling small business to expand further their reach to more customers. The social media marketing trends are dynamic, therefore, in order to reach your customers effectively, there is an urgent need to keep up with these changes.

95% of Online adults aged 18-34 are most likely follow a brand via social networking. (MarketingSherpa)

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There are some social media trends that are likely to gain popularity in the year 2017. Such as the fake news were a huge problem on the social media in the year 2016 and it was highlighted during the time of US presidential elections.

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It’s time to know digital advertising trends 2017 to grow your business. How did social media work for you as a digital marketer? What social media marketing trends 2017 are waiting business owner? Regardless of the results, we need to learn and take advantage of marketing trends in 2017.

I wonder, how fast the year has disappeared! It wasn’t long enough to do our best in digital marketing, but I know we have tried to take our business to the next level. Huge business got success and many failed, but I hope work for digital marketing in 2017 will be more easy and helpful to everyone. Follow the social media marketing trends 2017 to become successful business owner.

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Facebook declared in November that it has banned the sites of fake news from using ads, but there is still much more progress to make in this context. In 2017 you will have to look at the effort Google is making for handling fake news to look at the difficulties social media platforms will have.

Users of social media will desire for more vivid experiences from social media. New areas of communication are likely to emerge in the social media marketing trends of 2017.

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Traditionally social media marketing existed as a way for people communicating online. With the advent of more and more brands, it will also become a way for brands to advertise and also speak to the consumers more closely for knowing their needs.

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