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bath + grooming

dental careear + eye careflea + tickgrooming toolsnail careskin + coat caretubs + bathing accessories

From skin and coat care to grooming tools and fleas and ticks, we've got your bath and grooming needs covered.

Your dog will beg to be bathed in cleansing and deodorizing shampoos and conditioners, and crave to be brushed by grooming tools made just for their skin and coat. Bath time will be fun time for your pet with our tubs and bathing accessories, and your dog's nail care will be easy to maintain with sturdy and safe clippers.

Besides looking beautiful, your dog's bath and grooming needs will give them the hygiene they need. Say goodbye to fleas and ticks for good via effective prevention, treatments, shampoos and combs. Rid your pet's mouth of dreaded doggy breath and plaque and tartar with dental care that is sure to attack where its needed, and clean your dog's sensitive areas with one of our solutions, powders or wipes in ear and eye care.